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In early January, ahead of the March 19 writ drop for the upcoming April 16 Alberta election, we talked with Duane Bratt, political commentator and chair of the Mount Royal University department of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies.

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BY ALLISON FINNAMORE  •  PHOTO COURTESY OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE The United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) was signed in late November by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, American President Donald Trump and then Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. The three nations must ratify the agreement in upcoming months, but in the meantime, the […]

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For farmers puzzling over how to finance new high-efficiency heating systems for barns, solar power installations or other clean-energy upgrades legislation is being designed to assist home and business owners. Bill 10, An Act to Enable Clean Energy Improvements, was passed June 6, 2018, by the Alberta Legislature, and will enable individual municipalities to develop their own clean-energy tax bylaw for cost recovery of approved clean-energy upgrades.

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Alberta agricultural products have a global reputation for high quality. Naturally, residents and visitors alike increasingly want to taste dishes and drinks made with locally grown ingredients. Published by Touchwood Editions, Food Artisans of Alberta by Alberta Food Tours owner Karen Anderson and Matilde (Tilly) Sanchez-Turri is a substantial guide to food industry entrepreneurs on-farm and off, as well as farmers markets and watering holes.

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